Of the metal, By the metal, For the metal…
True Metal Heads

EX-Metal 50 is the ultimate high-gain amplifier of the metal, by the metal, for the metal heads all over the world.


This head cabinet is made of true metal material. It’s consists of brilliant rolled aluminium plates.
Aluminium plates are helpful for reducing weight and improving thermal radiation.




EX Metal 50

Setting example EX Metal 50 + Metal Cab 1×12


Preamplifier section

The pre amp section has completely independent 2 channels, ultra high gain channel & crystal clean channel.
Channel 2 is this amplifier’s main mode. Its provides shredding riff, and technical guitar solos.
With our product “Metal Cab 1×12”, Players can obtain more clear tone and more rich sustained tone.
Channel 1 is also important for expressing quietness.With “Metal Cab 1×12”, players will feel fantastic crystal and acoustic tone.
Off course, sound signal gain stages are 100% tube electrical circuits.
(Only rictifier circuits are consisted of silicon diodes)

Equipped tube buffered FX Loop


In order to enable that guitarists can play technical licks which needs effectors such as delay,
This amplifier head equipped with an effect loop.
The effect loop is also composed of single 12AX7 tube buffer circuit and amplification circuit.

Preamplifier section

A power amp section is configred with Fixed-bias, classAB-push-pull double power tubes. It delivers over 50W power.
The stock power tubes are 6L6GC, but players can use EL34 operetating the bias-select switch.

Metal Riff & Solo licks (tapping, sweep picking)
METAL tapping & slow solo
METAL RIFF 2020_06_29 high gain tube amp


Volume wattage:50W
Power tube type:1x 12AX7, 2x6L6GC (or EL34)
Preamp tube type:5x 12AX7
Channels:2 channels (CH-1/clean CH-2/ultra high gain)
Speaker output jacks:1×8 Ohms 1x16ohms
Current wattage: 00W
Dimentions:8/ 5/8″(22cm)H x 16 1/8″(41cm)W x 11 7/16″(29cm)D
Weight:34 Lbs (15.4Kg)