“METAL CAB” is a guitar speaker cabinet made of metal, as its name suggests.
The cabinet made of aluminum and carbon panels: Unprecedented in the guitar amplifier cabinet structure.
In the development of the cabinet, we pursued cabinet material itself, while adopting the “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet” of VirtuosOn own development.


almi&carbonThe cabinet is made of luxuriously aluminum panel and carbon baffle boards, inspired by the racing and motorcycles.




Setting example EX Metal 50 + Metal Cab 1×12

Since this cabinet is equipped with a large & heavy 12-inchs speaker which is frequently used in guitar amp,
We must beware of rigidity and saving weight than the Type-1’s.
Of course, same structure cabinet can be manufactured by using ordinary wood,
but here we are considering to produce using materials that were not generally in conventional guitar amplifier cabinet.
Although this is not a story of musical instruments, it’s common sense to use aluminum chassis and carbon fibre fairings in the world of racing and motorcycles,
to realize light weight and better rigidity.
In the development of Type-M-Cabinet, inspired by these racing motorcycles, we combined aluminum cabunet boards with carbon baffles.



As a result, the aluminum cabinet emphasizes the metallic tone that electric guitar has originally.
In addition, we discovered that carbon baffles could support “warmth” and “mellowness” the tube amp has.
We have produced our own structure and material speaker cabinet with “you have ever seen”.


In the process of development, we collected data of the ultimate acoustic guitar,
such as Martin D-45E.MartinD-45E

Learn More “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet”

Metal – band mixed
Metal Riff & Solo licks (tapping, sweep picking)
METAL tapping & slow solo
METAL RIFF 2020_06_29 high gain tube amp



Volume wattage:5W

Power tube type:1x6V6S (1x6L6GC avairable)

Preamp tube type:4x12AX7

Channels:2 channels (CH-1/clean CH-2/distortion)

Speaker output jacks:1×8 Ohms 1x16ohms

Current wattage:41W

Dimentions:8″(20cm)H x 16 3/16″(41cm)W x 11 1/16″(28cm)D

Weight:13.5 Lbs (6.1Kg)




Available Formats:1*12 semi-closed back cabinet

Rated Power:50W

Materials:AL5052 Aluminium & Carbon fibre

Preamp tube type:4x12AX7

Speaker & Impedance:1×12″ Jensen C12N / 8 Ohms

Current wattage:30W

Dimentions:19 3/16″(48cm)H x 18″(45cm)W x 10 3/16″D (without handles and rubber feets)

Weight:28.9 Lbs (13.1Kg)