Silverwire Cables





Every guitar player, especially professional player knows importance of cables
when they are playing guitars with its great ptentials.
No matter how great the guitars and amplifiers are, the cables could causes sound better or not.
On our long time experience, we producted guitar cables that can express player’s tone absolutely enough.

Someone shoud know “silver” is best material to transmit very sensitive tone.
Our cable has silver plated OFC inner wiers almost close to the sterling silver for best transmission.
Especially, silver is better than general OFC wiers at transmission high frequency sounds necessary to sound sensitive tone.
This is the reason why that we named “Silverwier” series for our guitar cables.
silverwire02General Cable and Silverwire cable Frequency Response comparison


The phone-plug is very important to transmit the sounds surely.
We adopted Neutrick’s new brand “REAN” plugs for our guitar cables.
This gold plated plug is realizing stable with tight handles when you plug-in the cable to the amps.


Soldered with 5.5% silver.
Handcrafted by craftsmen.


Cable wire is covered with nylon sleeves for protection and cleanness.
The sleeves has selectable colors.


Of cource, this cables are suitable for professional players, and also amateur players
who will practice to improve their skills well.

Color : Black, Emerald Green
Length : 2m, 3m, 5m
Price : 2m ¥6,800(without tax)
3m ¥8,800(without tax)
5m ¥12,800(without tax)

DRY Jack-clean

Clean up item for cleaning phone jacks on the amps and guitars.

No chemicals needed, dry-type cleaning.

Reducing zipper noise.

Price :3 pieces ¥800(without tax)