virtuoson type-1


An acoustic tube amp for the electric guitar & acoustic electric guitar, specializing in the clean tone.
We’ve completed the “Type-1” guitar amplifier with more advanced tone.

The Type-1’s electrical circuit has 100% tube circuit to amplify sounds with traditional guitar amp styles.


The cabinet has a proprietary structure “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet”.
Double buffeled structure actively use its resonance inside.
It pursues its own tone with unique structure that conventional guitar amps could not obtain until now.

We succeeded to fit the cabinet body into the LP record jacket size of 12″ * 12″ (30cm*30cm),in the design using the latest 3D-CAD software. 

Into the era “On – Plugged”

Type-1 was developed suite for solid guitar, but middle of development, we plugged acoustic-electric guitar in the TYPE-1.
Its sound should be said “another face” with the acoustic-electric guitars.
Off course, every guitarist knows acoustic-electric guitar can sounds enough with its own selfs without an amplifire.
But you can find not only amplification but wide spread sound with Type-1’s tube saturation and resonance of “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet”are added on.
Please experience new “On – Plugged”sound a completely different from formoer guitar amplifiers.

Extraordinary tone at your home

Most guitar players are worrying about amplifier’s ludouness for their family and neighbours.
Because general type of cabinet is comfortable with its maximam powered sound.
At this point, our cabinet has enough resonance with minimam volume when players are playing in their rooms.
Of course, our cabinet is fit for loud volume in the studio & live perfomance with its extraordinalresonance.
Please experiment our guitar amps in your home, studio and stages.



Amplifire Section

We offer you smooth and quick responsible sound with the tube circuits.
The clean tone is comfortable, and if you use your favorite stomp box, you can make clear, crunchy distortion sounds.
We believe that you, genuine guitarist sticking to the guitar sounds.

Cabinet Section

The cabinet has a proprietary structure “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet”.
Double buffeled structure actively use its resonance inside.
By making a “resonance space” to utilize the Helmholtz resonance, we succeeded in producing a “sound as instruments”
It pursues its own tone with unique structure that fomore guitar amps could not obtain until now.

image1Japan Patent Office Utility Model Registration No:3200860

In addition, both od inner and front baffles is made of very thin wooden board, which thickness is only 1/8″(3mm).
Thease extremely thin baffle realized the clearness that we had unheard.
And thease baffles sound as well as the sounding board with the acoustic instruments, itself.
As a result, the cabinet emphasizes the instrument-specific sound.



In the process of development, we collected data of the ultimate acoustic guitar, such as Martin D-45E.MartinD-45E

Learn More “Helmholtz Resonance Cabinet”


The chassis are splitted upper amplifier section and lower power supply unit section.

We place the heavy transformer at the bottom of the cabinet, amplifier cabinet is released from the damping effect of the transformer weight.
And then, it is now possible to be sound sonorous tones.
Further, since the surface area of the chassis increases, high thermal conductivity aluminum act as heat sink.
That has ensuring high heat radiation.
Control panel is simple configuration of operation knobs, volume(gain), bass, middle, treble, and master volume.

Acoustic setting
Light Crunch setting
Standard Setting
Jazzy Setting

Available Formats:1*8 Combo
Volume wattage:5W
Power tube type:1x6V6S
Preamp tube type:1x12AX7
Speaker & Impedance:1×8″ Jensen C8R / 8 Ohms<
Current wattage:30W
Dimentions:12″H x 12″W x 12″D (without handles and rubber feets)

Weight:22 Lbs (10Kg)<